Hand Made Signs

In this age of computer generated graphics, hand-made signage really stands out. 

Each piece is completely unique, with a quality that can only be achieved by hand. 

  • Materials; I use a range of materials from locally milled timber to recycled drawer fronts or even old scaffold planks. 
  • Finishes; I finish wooden signs with durable ecological wood treatments based on natural oils. I also use professional sign painter’s enamel where appropriate. 
  • Hand carving; If you would like something a little more permanent than paint, I can hand- carve lettering to you specification. 
  • Illustration; Signs can be illustrated, if you’d like to include a hand painted graphic or personal artistic touch. 

Shop signage, House names and numbers, Sign renovation, traditional signage, hand vehicle lettering, hand carved lettering and more… 

I use locally made ‘colourman paints’ to add vibrant colour and waxes to make wood glow. For outside I use durable ‘Osmo’ wood finishes based on natural oils.