Hand made signs – Driven by a passion for making by hand, as ‘Melbee Artworks’ I produce signage to meet your bespoke needs whether for your business or home I will work with you to create something unique, attractive and durable. The sustainable use of materials is very important to me, I source locally or recycle materials wherever possible.

Tools and workshops – I have a thing for old tools, enjoying the process of bringing them back to life and also teaching others to do the same with their own well used and loved tools.

Illustration – Hand drawn logos and illustration are also part of what I do. For those who want something more unique and personal than computer graphics.

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My Work

Bespoke hand-made signs to commission. Hand made, hand lettered, hand carved, from house names to vehicle lettering.

Always interested in exploring different materials and ways of working, I also offer;

  • Design and illustration.
  • Mosaic and creative tiling.
  • Carved wooden sculpture 

It’s so satisfying bring tools back to life! Me and my partner fix our own tools and also take on repair work by commission;

  • Garden hand tools, renovated and re-handled.
  • Workshop hand tools and small machinery.
  • Small parts made to order.

Learn how to care for your own tools. Workshops tailored to suit your needs. Discounts for community gardening groups!

  • Garden hand tool maintenance.
  • Re-handling of garden tools.
  • Axe and hammer re-handling.
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