Driven by a passion for making by hand and a desire to explore the qualities of different  materials ‘Melbee Artworks’ encompasses a wide range of media. Hand made signs from local woods, rejuvenated hand tools and furniture, illustration, mosaic and wooden sculpture.

My aim is to collaborate with my clients to create work which meets their needs both practically and aesthetically whilst sourcing and using materials in a way that treads lightly on the earth.

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My Work

Bespoke hand-made signs to commission. Hand made, hand lettered, hand carved, from house names to vehicle lettering.

Always interested in exploring different materials and ways of working, I also offer;

  • Rejuvenated hand-tools. 
  • Up-cycled and painted furniture.
  • Mosaic and creative tiling. 
  • Design and illustration.
  • Carved wooden sculpture 

Learn new skills and make new from old; I occasionally run workshops centred around creative re-use of materials. If you’d like to learn more about:

  • Furniture painting and up-cycling.
  • Mosaic using pre loved and found objects.
  • Hand tool maintenance.
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