What drives me? A love of making things that add colour and variety to the world around me.

An urge to share this love of making with others in a way that enables us to co-create the world we want to live in.

Since completing a BA in Design crafts in 2004 I have been developing my work as an artist/ crafts-person, exploring many different mediums including; Sign making, painting and decorating, natural building, creative tiling, mosaic, up-cycling furniture, illustration, woodwork, running craft workshops and more. I love having this freedom to work in so many media. Like a colourful patchwork quilt, all these elements come together to make an eclectic whole, giving me flexibility and variety in my working life.

Why Hand Made?

I believe hand made items have a quality that simply can’t be reproduced by machine. I was imbued with a love of making from an early age, coming from a very creative household, we were always encouraged to be inventive and explore different materials.

Like a magpie I’ve always got an eye out for materials. Whether rummaging for old tools at a car boot sale, rescuing old draw fronts from a bonfire, collecting shells on a beach or sourcing timber from just down the road, it is important to me that I am re-using and re-purposing what is readily available to me without creating unnecessary waste.

 My clients; 

I really enjoy the different challenges of working with each client’s ideas. My aim is always to create work that responds to these needs both practically and aesthetically.

Tools wonderful tools