Design and illustration

Hand drawn artwork to commission for specific projects like logos and posters. Hand drawing has a quality that I believe simply can’t be reproduced by computer graphics.

2D Artwork

Mostly watercolour pencil or pastel pencil. Themes come from my love of nature and a sense of something beyond what we can see with the naked eye.

Carved wooden sculpture

I found my love of carving wood whilst doing a BA in design crafts. I particularly like using English hardwoods and combining wood with forged steel. My sculptures respond to the quality of the wood and my desire for adventure and lost worlds.

Up-cycled and painted furniture

It is very rewarding transforming a neglected piece of furniture into an item that is both beautiful and a pleasure to use. I use locally made ‘colourman paints’ to add vibrant colour and waxes to make wood glow. For outside I use durable ‘Osmo’ wood finishes based on natural oils.

Mosaic and creative tiling

I’m a magpie when it comes to colourful old crockery and tiles, pebbles, shells, beach glass and other little treasures.  My mosaics are inspired and made with these found and collected objects.

Ethical and creative use of materials is very important to me, I re-use where possible and take care to source ecological materials.